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Group Exercise Class Descriptions

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Boot Camp

This no-nonsense approach to the basics of fitness focuses on strength, balance, cardiovascular endurance and coordination. Be prepared for push-ups, squats and challenging sport-specific footwork drills. This is an intermediate to advanced class. The Friday, 9:00 a.m., ADV format is a more strenuous version – geared for an advanced fitness level.


A 90-minute class that focuses primarily on resistance exercises and stretching. The instructor may add some cardiovascular exercise to the routine. This class is geared for all fitness levels except for the very beginner due to its length.

Core Conditioning and Stretching

A 45-minute class focused on the entire core. Be prepared for kickboxing moves and lots of drills to strengthen the core. A healthy portion of the class will consist of stretching. This class is geared for all fitness levels.

Exercise 101

The basic exercise classes. This class is designed for the sedentary individual or someone coming back to exercise after an injury. Utmost care and safety will be administered. Chairs will be available if needed.

Exercise 201

A basic class designed to reintroduce exercise to the sedentary but with a focus on cardiovascular exercise.

Golf Fitness

A 45-minute class geared to improve a golfers mobility, strength and stability. Geared for all.

Healthy Beginning

A basic exercise class. Designed to reintroduce exercise to the sedentary individual. Also, an ideal class if recovering from a procedure or injury. Safety and care is the primary focus. 

H20 Aerobics/Exercise

This water exercise class is loaded with cardiovascular and strength training challenges. Hand weights and gloves may be used to enhance the exercises. This class is geared for all fitness levels.

Low Impact

A class designed for the beginner to intermediate fitness level, focusing primarily on cardio endurance and may include some strength exercises. Hand weights or resistance tubing may be used in the strength portion. This class usually incorporates abdominal work as well.


This popular, “Mat form of Pilates”, concentrates on core strength. Be prepared to work abdominal and back muscles to increase strength and improve posture. This class is geared for all fitness levels.

Tai Chi

The practice of the ancient Chinese discipline of meditative movements practiced as a system of exercises. There is an additional cost for this class.

TBC (Total Body Conditioning)

This 90-minute class incorporates cardiovascular exercise, strength training, abdominal work and stretching. The cardiovascular portion could be step aerobics, depending on the instructor. Geared for the intermediate to advanced fitness level.


Align & Refine - An intermediate level class that reinforces and expands on key yogic techniques, an important stepping stone to the more challenging and intricate Flow & Glow and Hatha classes.
Deepening Practices - This 120-minute session includes an extended segment of Yin-style holding of poses, breathing techniques and guided meditation for a deeper sense of release and relaxation.
Flow & Glow - A more advanced, dynamic class that fosters optimal strength, length, balance and aliveness for the intelligently aging body. Sessions incorporate specialized breathing techniques.
Hatha - A fluid movement power Yoga class designed to build strength and flexibility. 
Yin - Emphasizes passive, static postures, held for longer periods of time, nourishing, stretching and strengthening the dense connective tissues in and around the muscles and joints. Best for students with some Yoga experience. 


A dance party. Fun music, hips swaying and a great cardio workout. Geared for all levels.

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