Rules & Etiquette

We ask all Members, Property Owners, and their guests to be aware of, and adhere to, Big Canoe’s dress code for the golf facilities. Club staff has been directed to advise Members, Property Owners, and their guests if their dress is not considered in compliance with the following dress code, and to deny access or service to them if the infringing dress is not remedied immediately. Members, Property Owners, and their guests must use the locker room to change attire. Metal or ceramic spiked golf shoes are not permitted at any time.

Course Facilities

Duffers Grab & Go is located behind The Clubhouse, adjacent to #1 Creek. Please do not have a sit-down lunch. If you lose your position at the turn, you must return to #1 tee, provided space is available.

Restrooms and water coolers: following #5 Choctaw, #4 Creek, #6 Creek, and #4 Cherokee.

Courtesy Rules

  • - Optimum playing time is 4 hrs., 15 min. or less, using 90 degree rule.
  • - It is the responsibility of each group to keep up pace with the group ahead. If the group falls one complete hole behind, the Marshal may require the group to skip a hole to regain position on the course and keep pace. The Marshal has the authority to keep play moving at the proper pace for everyone's enjoyment.
  • - Allow faster players to play through.
  • - Observe posted golf cart signs.
  • - Repair ball marks on the green.
  • - Fill divots with sand.
  • - Rake bunkers after play.
  • - Please respect homeowners' property.

Driving Range

  • - Driving range is open from 8:00 am until dusk.
  • - Range balls must be purchased in the golf shop.
  • - Golf carts may be driven to the range at no cost.
  • - Players must hit only from the designated area.
  • - Remember to be courteous to fellow golfers while practicing.
  • - Range balls may not be removed from range.
  • - Range balls are never permitted on the course.

Golf Carts

  • - Carts are to be driven on cart paths and fairways only!
  • - Carts are NEVER permitted on the slopes of the course.
  • - Carts are never permitted on the streets.
  • - Limit of 2 players/2 bags per cart.
  • - Juniors must have a drivers license or permit to operate a cart.
  • - Carts are due off the course at least 15 minutes before dusk.

Ladies' Dress Code

Appropriate attire for women and junior girls includes the following: slacks, Bermuda shorts and skirts. Sleeveless shirts must have collars and collarless shirts must have sleeves. Inappropriate attire includes the following: blue denim, cropped tops, short shorts or skirts, leggings (without shorts or a skirt).

Men's Dress Code

Slacks and collared shirts are the standard required dress on Golf grounds with the exceptions noted below. Blue denim is not permitted on applicable areas at any time. Turtlenecks and mock turtleneck shirts tailored for golf are acceptable shirts. Golf shirts must be tucked-in. Men may wear appropriate shorts for golf at any time of the year. Appropriate shorts include only substantially knee-length Bermuda shorts tailored for golf. No other types of shorts (camping, tennis, cutoffs, etc.) may be worn. Exceptions may be made for juniors 12 & under, but still require a collared shirt.

Tee Times

  • - For tee time information, please call (706) 268-3323
  • - Tee times can only be made by a "Property Owner" or "guest staying on property".
  • - Tee times can be scheduled seven days in advance.
  • - Each player must register in the golf shop prior to play.
  • - Each player must have an individual bag and set of clubs.
    • - If a tee time is not canceled at least 48 hours in advance, the guest rate will be charged for each player if the tee time can be filled.

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