Public Safety

The Big Canoe Department of Public Safety is a proactive, customer-oriented, emergency services provider. Their objective is to provide the best possible fire, emergency medical, and security services to the residents and guests of the Big Canoe community.

In Case of Emergency Dial 911

In an emergency call 911 NOT Big Canoe Public Safety. You will be asked to provide your county (Pickens or Dawson) and your street address (not your lot number). Make sure your guests and tenants know this info. Big Canoe Public Safety will also arrive on scene even if it is a 911 call.

For Fire Emergencies call 911

Big Canoe Public Safety is first responder in event of fire, but county also sends county fire truck(s). Air transport will be provided for medical emergencies, as determined by EMTs, and usually lands at the Big Canoe Playfield. Cost is paid by the patient and/or their insurance, and NOT by Big Canoe.

For non-emergency help, please call

Big Canoe’s Public Safety at (706) 268-3376


  • - Resident motor vehicle assistance: dead battery, locked vehicle, out of gas, and transport if car dies
  • - Unwanted wildlife inside your home
  • - Help if you fall and can’t get up or have other mobility issues
  • - If you are unable to reach your home due to weather (e.g. icy roads or downed trees), Big Canoe Public Safety may be able to transport you, and/or temporary shelter may be available at the Clubhouse on an emergency basis.
  • - If you are lost on any of the Big Canoe trails please call Big Canoe Public Safety, if it is an emergency please dial 911.

Medical Information

Place your medical info and emergency contact info in a plastic bag in your refrigerator. That’s where the EMTs will look for it. Update your info at least annually or as needed. Medical info sheets and plastic bags are available in the Big Canoe postal facility and fire station.

There are 7 emergency exits in Big Canoe. Learn the location of the emergency exit nearest you. They are shown on the maps handed out at the entrance gates. In an emergency, the gates will be unlocked, and Big Canoe Public Safety will inform residents which exits to use.

Public Safety Dashboard

The Department of Public Safety receives scores of calls every month. Ricky Jordan, the director of Public Safety, recommends calling “any time anything looks out of place or out of the ordinary.” When there is an emergency – be it medical, fire or criminal – always call 911. To learn more about the kind of calls received, below is last month’s statistical breakdown.


Ricky Jordan

Director of Public Safety

(706) 268-1792