Visit the Marina to rent a boat or pick up supplies for your adventures on Lake Petit. The porch and patio around the Shack are both great spots to gather with friends on Big Canoe’s waterfront.

The Marina has pontoon boats, paddle boards, kayaks and jon boats available for rent, as well as fishing permits, fishing tackle, bait, and rental rods & reels. You can also find Big Canoe merchandise, sodas, beer and wine.

Adult life jackets are stored on the rental pontoon boats. Life jackets for children, jon boats, canoes, kayaks and paddle boards should be obtained at the Marina office. Paddle Boarders and Children under 13 are required to wear a life jacket during outings.s


Big Canoe offers various rentals for all members, residents and guests. Only electric motors are allowed. Internal combustion motors are prohibited in Big Canoe.


Pontoon Boat Rental: $200 per hour / 2 hour minimum
A small deck boat with a canopy, an electric motor, and able to accommodate 10 - 12 adults. There are eight boats in the rental fleet.


Kayak Rental: $20 per hour / 1 hour minimum
There are five (5) Hobie Mirage Outback single person kayaks fitted with pedal, one (1) standard single person kayak, and two (2) standard double person kayaks.


Paddleboard Rental: $20 per hour / 1 hour minimum
Paddleboards are available for rental on Lake Petit. Everyone is your family has an option for their favorite aquatic vessel.


Jon Boat Rental: $25 per hour / no minimum
Flat bottomed fishing boats with an electric motor. Holds 2 adults, weight limit 450 lbs. There are two Jon Boats in the rental fleet.

Eagle Island

The center island in Lake Petit, known as Eagle Island, is off-limits. Please be sure to remain within the designated and posted swim area. Follow the link to see the full list of Marina and lake rules.
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