Big Canoe Postal & Package Systems

The U.S. Postal Service does not deliver to your home in Big Canoe. You are able to collect your mail at the Postal Facility in Wolfscratch Village. You may request a Big Canoe box number by calling the Jasper Post Office at (706) 253-4300. After your box number has been assigned, you may pick up your box key at the Big Canoe Postal Facility during business hours. Staff is usually present between 11am - 1:30pm Monday-Saturday. Since the USPS only delivers to the postal facility, we recommend you always use the following four line address (example below) which includes both your Big Canoe box number and the street address.

John and Mary Doe
123 Wilderness Parkway
12345 Big Canoe
Jasper GA 30143


Property Owners use the Alpha boxes for personal communication with other Property Owners. Alpha mail must be addressed with names of who the item is to and from, and also must be dated. Alpha mail will be moved to the top cubby in each column after 30 days and will be discarded after 60 days. Business soliciations and promotional materials are not allowed. Big Canoe Clubs and Organizations may use the Alpha boxes to communicate with their members, but not for soliciation.
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