Architectural & Environmental Control Committee


The Architectural & Environmental Control Committee (AECC) shall have the responsibility to ensure the Architectural and Environmental Control Standards of Big Canoe remain current and applicable with the changing construction environment. It shall be the duty of the AECD Manager to stamp all plans and to draft and sign all correspondence necessary for the execution of the duties and function of the Architectural & Environmental Control Department (AECD). The AECC shall also be responsible for hearing appeals from builders/owners regarding all facets of architectural control. Appeals will first go to the AECC with decisions being made by the voting members. All further appeals will follow the process established in the Rules and Regulations, Section A.1 General Enforcement Provisions, Sub-Section 2.1(b) Hearing.


The Committee consists of eight (8) members as follows:     

  • Five (5) property owners (one professional architect-if possible) recommended to the General Manager, in consultation with the AECD Manager, and approved by the General Manager    
  • One (1) active builder sitting as a non-voting member recommended to the General Manager, in consultation with the AECD Manager, and approved by the General Manager (non-voting member)    
  • One (1) representative from Waterford (non-voting member)    
  • The Manager of the AECD (non-voting member)     

Three (3) voting members shall constitute a quorum.

AECC Voting Members may serve a maximum of two (2) consecutive three (3) year terms on the Committee.

Treena ParishPOA Representative
John MannChair
Gretchen HudockSecretary - 2022-2024
Jan Stader2021-2022
Dudley DeVore2022-2024
John Parrcurrent-2023
David PeaglerBuilder Rep. - 2020-2022


Administration and Meetings

Appointments are made yearly. The term of each appointment is three years.

The AECC shall select a Chairperson from the voting members who shall serve for one year. This person shall be responsible for communicating the AECC activity to  the General Manager.

The AECC shall also select a Secretary who will be responsible for recording the Minutes of the AECC Meetings, and presenting those Minutes to the AECC at the next regularly scheduled AECC Meeting. Upon approval by the AECC, the Chairperson shall transmit the approved Minutes to the General Manager. The AECC meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of each month at 2:00 p.m. The Chairperson reserves the right to call special meetings as needed.

All variances granted shall be summarized and reported to the General Manager.

Reports & AECC Minutes

The very nature of the subject matters considered by the AECC require confidentiality regarding Property Owners and their Requests for Variances and Appeals of Decisions and Fines. General publication of Property Owners/Builders Names, Lot Numbers and Addresses and AECC Decisions could cause dissension among neighbors and other Property Owners. AECC Minutes will be delivered to the General Manager.  All AECC members and all Big Canoe Employees have an obligation under the Big Canoe Policies and Procedures to maintain confidentiality regarding matters brought before the AECC and potentially on Appeal to the Big Canoe Board of Directors. The AECC Minutes will not be posted on the Big Canoe Website, but Property Owners/Builders may request excerpts from the Minutes regarding matters in which they have/had an interest. This request for Minute excerpts should be made in writing to the General Manager.


Treena Parish

Architectural & Environmental

Control Manager

(706) 268-3394

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