Golf & Greens Committees

This Committee serves at the pleasure of the General Manager. Its mission is to enhance the golfing experience for all the various golfing constituencies that play golf at Big Canoe.


It will act as an advisory Committee to the Big Canoe General Manager and, through that office, to the Big Canoe POA Board of Directors. To be a resource to the General Manager and the Board for study, comments and recommendations regarding issues involving golf at Big Canoe. To inform other golf members of the on-going maintenance and course improvement work being done by golf maintenance, and to be an advocate of continued course improvement projects. To seek input from the membership on any and all issues and will be expected to respond to all membership input. The Committee is responsible to ensure the golfing membership of Big Canoe is kept informed of the committee activities. To promote and support the play of golf for Big Canoe Property Owners and the represent the best interest of the golfing community and all Property Owners on all matters coming before the Committee.


The Committee consists of eleven (11) Property Owners, one of whom will serve as chairperson chosen by the General Manager.  The members will be selected by the Head Golf Professional from the golfing community to ensure that all constituencies are represented. Included will be the following:
            Big Canoe Property Owner Members:
                        Men’s Golf Association President
                        Women’s Golf Association Co-Presidents
                        Handicap Committee Chairman
                        Six other at large golf members
            Big Canoe Employees
                        Head Golf Professional
                        Golf Course Superintendent (Others as needed)

Scott AbnerGolf Committee Chairman
Kenneth KiddMGA President
Peggy WilliamsWGA President
Brian GalwayHandicap Committee Chairman
Dan AndersonAt Large - Players/Vice-Chair
Nick WarenzakAt Large - Aces
Dick ScharfAt Large - Commissioners
Joe MarushakAt Large - Regulars
Joy McLeodAt Large - Women's Golf
Diane LaChariteAt Large - 4G's
Susan RoladerAt Large - BCWGA
Scott AuerGeneral Manager
Carrie ScottDirector of Amenities
Lydell MackDirector of Operations
Mike MillerHead Golf Professional
Kevin SamsGolf Course Superintendent
Joey RayAssistant Course Superintendent
Justin LuysterborgAssistant Golf Professional
David JaroszynskiAssistant Golf Professional



This Property Owner members of this Committee must be in good standing with the Big Canoe Property Owners Association. They should have an interest in Big Canoe and the golf operations in particular and be able to commit the time to serve effectively on this Committee.

  • The chairperson will be appointed annually for a one year term by the General Manager. The chairperson may be appointed for consecutive years, but in no event for more than three consecutive years. Committee members will be appointed annually. Committee members may be appointed for consecutive years, but in no event more than three consecutive years. The MGA & WGA Co-Presidents along with the Handicap Chairperson will serve for the period that they hold the position. Should a member resign at any time, a replacement will be selected by the chairperson to fill out the duration of that person’s term.
Reporting Authority

The Committee is advisory only and has no authority to incur expenses on behalf of the Association (POA) or to obligate the Association (POA) in any way. Committee members report to the chairperson who in turn reports to the General Manager.

Meeting Frequently & Responsibilities

The Committee will meet twice over the winter months (once at the beginning of the year and once at the end of the year) and monthly over the summer/fall months (April-September with the exception of July). Minutes will be kept for each meeting with copies provided to all committee members, the General Manager, and posted on all POA websites.


Any committee member who is absent from three consecutive meetings will be asked to step down and a new committee member will be appointed. Suggested additions to the committee agenda must be sent in advance to the Head Golf Professional and will be reviewed by the Golf Committee Chairman before adding.


Scott Abner


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