Bocce Advisory


The Bocce Court Construction Committee is an advisory resource to the Racquet Club Manager and Director of Operations. The Committee is tasked to review and approve specifications for the construction of new bocce courts and provide recommendations through the bid process.

Meeting Minutes


Membership & Qualifications

The maximum number of members is 5 including chair. Members must be Property Owners in good standing. The members are chosen for their interest in the various aspects of the Bocce amenity.

Reporting & Authority

The Bocce committee advises the Racquet Club Manager and the Director of Operations through the Chairman, who also determines the frequency of meetings.


The prescribed term is for three months of service.


The role of the Committee is to review and approve plans and specifications of the construction of new bocce courts and to provide advice and insight on design. Committee should be available to the Operations Director during construction for any advice that he may require.


Meetings are held biweekly or as needed over the next three months. Meeting Minutes are posted on the POA Website.


This Charter is adopted effective August 7, 2020.


Geoff Hedges

Head Racquet Professional