Long Range Planning Committee


The Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) is a POA Board committee with the mission to support the Board of Directors by maintaining and updating the POA Long Range Master Plan, working in concert with the Board, POA staff and the Boards Finance Committee. While the Committee will be responsible for short-, mid- and long-term needs, the primary focus will be on capital expenditure priorities for amenities, facilities and land use for each succeeding five-year period following the committee's annual year-end. However, the Committee shall also be reviewing and making recommendations on priorities beyond the next five years to ensure a long-term perspective to capital planning. 


The POA Board will appoint the Chair person, who shall appoint a Vice-Chair. The Vice-Chair and Committee members shall be recommended by the Chair of the Committee and confirmed by the Board at its next scheduled Board meeting and at other times when necessary to fill vacancies. These new members will be selected, per Board Procedure 300.2, from property owners who meet specific criteria, and who respond to requests from the POA. Besides being property owners in good standing, each successful candidate will demonstrate skills and experience in some or all the following areas: community master planning, property or facility management, long-term capital planning, commercial real estate development and construction, architectural-engineering and related operations and program management. The Committee should have no more than 10 members, including the chair. Each Committee member will serve three-year terms, to be staggered so that three members will be appointed or reappointed each year. Other ex-officio members of the Committee shall be a Board liaison, a member of the Boards Finance Committee (appointed by its Chairman) and appropriate POA staff, as selected by the General Manager. (Different staff may be assigned to specific amenities, facilities or land use.) 

Joe ThompsonChairperson - 2023
Cecil Schneider2024
Gay Abbott2024
Shane Hornbuckle2025
Deneen Morgia2025
Amy Walker2025
Brian Galway2025


Responsibilities & Duties

At the beginning of each Committee year (May 1), the Chair and Vice-Chair of the LRPC will meet with the Board to confirm the projects to be analyzed, including any carryover projects from the preceding year. The Committee will perform in-depth project analysis of amenities, facilities and land use, using outside professionals where appropriate, with prior Board approval. The objective is to recommend to the POA changes to Big Canoe’s Long Range Master Plan with respect to amenities, facilities, and community properties, and their capacity to meet projected needs. Working with the Finance Committee, priorities should be created for all projects relative to available funding and "need" versus "want" criteria. Written reports documenting these activities shall be submitted to the Board quarterly as the year progresses.

  • The Committee shall operate on a May 1 to April 30 schedule. The Committee should meet monthly at a time and place selected by the Chair, and as necessary between such monthly meetings. The objective is to provide quarterly updates (March, June, September and December) to the Board to facilitate annual budgeting by the Board and POA management. 

The Committee reports to the POA Board and jointly establishes with the Board the parameters within which the Committee will function. Work outside those parameters will require Board approval. Any anticipated spending is to be defined and must have budget concurrence from the General Manager. Board approval will be required if the use of any paid resources is planned or if other expenses cannot be covered from within the existing budget.


The Committee should report to the Board quarterly, or more frequently as specific events warrant. The Committee will post meeting minutes on the POA Web site.


Joe Thompson


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