Trails Committee


To maintain and improve the user experience of the trails and parks of Big Canoe, the primary reason people cite for moving here. The committee works closely with the General Manager and the Director of Operations, observing POA operational guidelines and within the POA vision.


Residents of Big Canoe that are in good standing and are willing to commit to the minimum participation requirements may apply for membership. The number of members and duration of their term is not limited due to the operational nature of the committee. 

Alan Moffatt

Beau Long
Bill Merrick
Bill Mason
Bill Nelson

Billy Lovell
Bob Kenyon
Brian Boje
Carl Peterson
Dave Cox
Dave Evans
Dianna Peterson
Dion Golden
Don Gallagher
Doug Hickman
Gary Romeo
Glenn Arthur
Greg Dunlap

Greg Murphins
Ignacio Leon

Javier Rodriguez
Jeff Weigl
Jim Hansen

Jim Spearman

Jim Harvard
Joe Cano

Joe Morris
Joe Tipton
John Mitchell
John Hansen
Jonathan Foulkes
Kellie Arthur
Ken Bechely
Kimberly Hoffman
Lauren Bills
Liz Scherer
Malcom Halls

Mark Decker
Mark Allison
Marlyce Murphins

Mary Ann Hansen

Mickey Greene
Mike Permenter

Mike Sheely
Mitch Waldman
Peter Stahlman
Reg Richard
Rita Boje
Rob Maza
Sheila Waldman
Stacy Johnson
Steve Papke
Tim Bills

Membership Requirements

Committee Assignment

Members must perform at a minimum a monthly inspection and report on their assigned trail(s)using the online form for that purpose. Members must adhere to the appropriate safety measures given the tools they are using and the terrain. Some members may have additional administrative assignments as well. Members are encouraged to keep informed of work done by other members by reviewing the work report regularly.


Members are encouraged to attend workdays which are generally scheduled monthly or more frequently according to need. A review of safety measures is presented before work starts. A well-stocked first aid kit must be available.

Trails Committee meets based on a schedule established by the committee chair(s).



Members must be willing and able to work physically to help inspect, build and maintain trails and parks. Members are encouraged to participate in other tasks such as social media promotion, website maintenance, authoring articles, poster and brochure preparation, etc. They must coordinate activities with each other and with the chair(s). They must report regularly their time and contributions. Members must be supportive of the mission of the committee and POA vision. To maintain membership status members must perform their duties.

Reporting & Authority

The committee reports to the POA Board of Directors and works closely with the General Manager and the Director of Operations. All members must be confirmed by the POA Board of Directors.

Role & Scope of Work

The following are general activities:
• Frequent inspection, maintenance and improvement of all trails and surrounding areas within the parks, which includes associated structures such as bridges, stairs and signs.
• Improve appearance where needed, if reasonable.
• Build new trails with the approval of the General Manager and/or Director of Operations.
• Provide recommendations on trail and park issues as needed.

Meetings & Administration

The committee has a quarterly meeting, on the first Monday of February, May, August and November. Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the chair(s). Minutes will be published for scheduled meetings. Every trail is assigned to trail overseers who take responsibility for maintaining it and reporting anything needing attention to the chair(s).Workdays are scheduled as needed to address issues that are more than the overseers can reasonably handle by themselves.


The committee chair(s) meet with the General Manager once a year and review this charter, discuss the work accomplished by the committee and propose future plans.


Liz Scherer


Mitch Waldman


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