POLICIES 200-249

Policy & Procedures 201

201 Multiple Owners of Individual Properties

All Members have access to all common property facilities, “Amenities”, within limits of reasonable rules and regulations. In accordance with the Covenants Article IV. Section 3. (e.), it is “the right of the Association to charge reasonable admission and other fees for the use of the Common Properties and/or facilities thereon”. To this end, Admission Fees and Usage Fees may be established and amended from time to time to ensure the financial sustainability of the Amenities.
Annual Assessment income provides the foundation of financial support for the Amenities’ capital and maintenance expenses, with the understanding that this financial support provided by assessment income provides a pro-rata share for a limited number of individuals utilizing the Amenities from each Property. For this reason, Discounted Pricing and Amenity Membership Programs (for Golf, Fitness, Tennis, Swim, Restaurants, etc.), is available for up to two (2) named individual Owners and their Immediate Family Members per Improved Property, and up to one (1) named individual Owner and his/her Immediate Family Members per Unimproved Property, referred to as “Discount Eligible Owners”.
When a Property is owned by more than the base number of Discount Eligible Owners, the Additional Owners will be eligible to utilize Amenities only after payment of the Annual Amenity Support Fee, which shall be no less than the annual assessment charges for an unimproved Lot. Upon doing so, they will become Discount Eligible Members. Additional Owners may not utilize Amenities as a Guest of an Owner; they must pay the Annual Amenity Support Fee prior to utilizing an Amenity. The specific individuals who are the persons named as the Discount Eligible Owner(s) for any given Property will be named for a minimum of 12-months, and
change no more frequently than annually, unless the named individual is no longer an Owner. Additional Owners will not be eligible for vehicle transponders, or extended duration vehicle passes, unless they have paid the Annual Amenity Support Fee. 

This Policy does not preclude the Association from offering specials, sales, promotions, etc.

Board of Directors

This policy applies to all Properties subject to the Big Canoe POA Covenants

From the Big Canoe Covenants:
“Owner”: shall mean and refer to the Owner as shown by the real estate records in the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court for Dawson and/or Pickens Counties, Georgia, whether it be one or more persons, firms, associations, corporations, or other legal entities, of fee simple title to any Residential Lot, Family Dwelling Unit, Multi-Family Tract, Public and Commercial Site, or Public and Commercial Unit situated upon the Properties…
“Member”: “Every Owner shall be a Member of the Association…”

Other Definitions for this Policy:
“Additional Owners”: Individuals who are individually named as owners of record on the Property deed, but are not one of the two (2) named Discount Eligible Owners.
“Amenity”, “Amenities”: The facilities owned and operated by the Big Canoe POA, including but not limited to: golf, tennis, fitness, pools, marina, lakes, trails, restaurants, recreational areas, etc.
“Amenity Member”: A Discount Eligible Owner who has enrolled in an Amenity Membership Program.
“Amenity Membership Program”: Is a minimum 12-month financial commitment to support one or more individual Amenities, of a Discount Eligible Owner’s choosing, in return for access to the Amenity at a pricing structure that can be less expensive than paying a daily Usage Fee. The Amenity Member agrees to pay an annual Amenity Membership Program fee, regardless of the frequency of usage.
“Amenity Support Fee”: An admission fee that supports the capital and operating subsidy required to financially sustain the Amenities.
“Association”: The Big Canoe Property Owners Association, Inc.
“Covenants”: The General Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions of the Big Canoe Property Owners Association, Inc. and Big Canoe Company, as restated and amended from time to time.
“Discounted Pricing”: Prices that are discounted from the full retail price, in recognition that assessment income offsets some of the capital and maintenance costs of the Amenities.
“Discount Eligible Owners”: Up to two (2) specifically named Owners, or Entity Representatives, per Improved Property and their Immediate Family Members, and only one (1) specifically named individual and his/her Immediate Family Members per unimproved Lot, are eligible for Amenity Membership Programs and Discounted Pricing. 
“Entity Representative”: In the case of Property that is owned by an Entity (corporation, partnership, LLC, etc.), only specifically named individual(s) having an equity ownership stake in the Entity, and their Immediate Family Members will be recognized as Discount Eligible Owners. (Official entity registration documentation may be required to prove an individual is an owner of the Entity).
“Family” & “Immediate Family Members”: are the Owner’s spouse and dependent children under the age of 26, residing in the parent’s household and/or enrolled as a full-time student.
“Guest”: A personal friend, acquaintance, colleague or extended family member invited into the community by an Owner to visit with the Owner, or stay in the Owner’s dwelling; or a person or people who rent a dwelling in Big Canoe from an Owner.
“Property”: (paraphrased from the definition of “Properties” in the Covenants) A parcel of land, with or without a dwelling, subject to the Big Canoe POA Covenants.
“Usage Fees”: Tee Times, Court Fees, Swim and Fitness Center Daily Charges, Purchases in Restaurants and Pro Shops all fall under the category of Usage Fees.

• Big Canoe POA Covenants & Bylaws.
• Letter from Big Canoe POA General Council to property Owner Mr. Kellogg, re: limiting memberships related to Lot 4144, Big Canoe, dated April 15, 1992.
Procedure 201.1 Eligible Individuals/Additional Owners Fees
• The POA will recognize up to 2 named Discount Eligible Owners and their Immediate Family Members for the purpose of providing access to amenities without a daily Amenity Support
Fee and having the ability to purchase Amenity Memberships.
• Additional Owners must first pay an Annual Amenity Support Fee prior to utilizing any Amenity. The Annual Amenity Support Fee is equal to the total amount charged for an unimproved Lot, including regular, capital and special assessments for the year. Additional Owners may not utilize Amenities as a Guest of an Owner.

General Manager



Internal files: amenity membership files, vehicle pass records,
Approved: July 22, 2015
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