Procedure 152.3

Procedure 152.3 Bid Process

The bid process flow is outlined in Appendix 3 and detailed below.

Management defines the scope of the project. The pre-planning will include engineering and architectural designs or detailed specifications from at least one Registered Professional to obtain an accurate bid from qualified bidders.

Request for Pricing (RFP) or Invitation to Bid
The Request for Pricing (RFP) or Invitation to Bid package will include the following items:
- Invitation including mandatory deadlines.
- Brief description of the scope of work.
- Instructions to bidders including:
--- How bid is to be submitted.
--- Mandatory meeting, if required.
--- Due date and time for bid package.
--- Date and time bid will be opened.
--- Who to address the bid package.
--- Package delivery methods.
--- Instructions for bidders to examine the drawings, specifications and site of the project.
--- Substitutions – whether or not they are permitted and if permitted noted in the bid.
--- Bid Form – whether or not changes are permitted and if permitted noted in the bid and reason for change of the bid form.
--- Provide all warranties on work, equipment and other components of project.
--- Provide W-9
--- Provide Certificate of Insurance with the following minimums:
----- Workers’ Compensation
----- Statutory Georgia Limits
----- Employers’ Liability Insurance
------ $100,000 for each Accident
------ $100,000 for each Disease by employee
------ $500,000 policy limit by Disease
- Commercial General Liability
--- $1,000,000 each occurrence including contractual liability for specified agreement
--- $2,000,000 General Aggregate (other than Products/Completed Operations)
--- $2,000,000 General Liability-Products/Completed Operations
--- $1,000,000 Personal and Advertising injury
--- $ 100,000 Fire Damage Legal Liability
- Business Automobile Liability including owned, non-owned and hired car coverage
--- Combined Single Limit - $1,000,000 each accident
--- Umbrella Liability (required limits may be increased or reduced, depending on the nature and scope of work to be performed)
--- $2,000,000 per Occurrence and in the Aggregate
- In addition to the requirements above, the Vendor shall thoroughly review the
scope of work that is included and any of the following are included in the ser
vices that will be provided, the following additional insurance will be required,
if checked:
--- Professional Liability - $2,000,000 per claim
--- Cyber Liability - $2,000,000 per occurrence
--- Abuse and Molestation Coverage - $1,000,000 per occurrence
--- Pollution Liability - $1,000,000 per occurrence
--- Builders Risk Coverage (to be furnished by Big Canoe POA)
----- Provide references for similar projects.
----- Bid Certification signed by authorized officer or agent certifying the following:
- Pricing is genuine and made on behalf of the respondent only
- Respondent has not directly or indirectly induced any other person to submit a false or sham proposal
- Respondent has not induced any other person or organization to refrain from submitting a pricing package
- Respondent has not sought by collusion to obtain any advantage over any other respondent or Big Canoe POA
--- Timing of project.
--- Who the Vendor can contact including telephone number and email address for
additional information, questions or to schedule a site visit.
- Execution of Agreement
--- Contract timing
--- Contract will include
- Retainage clause if applicable
- Liquidated Damages clause if applicable
- Commitment on pricing
- Termination Provisions
- Amount of full contract and payment schedule
--- Specifications including if applicable engineering and architectural designs.
--- Bid Summary/Form
--- Bid Certification Form

Bid Received
Director of Finance will receive all bids as specified in the RFP or Invitation to Bid package

Bid Opening
Finance and Audit Committee will be invited to all bids that are more than $300,000. Bids will be opened by the Director of Finance or designee in the presence of the Director of Capital Projects, Division Director and/or Department Head.

Number of Bids
If less than three bids are received, management will need to justify the reason or redefine the scope of the project and send it out again for bid.

Staff Evaluation
If there are least three bids or management has justified why there are less than three bids, staff will evaluate the bid and follow the Operating Expenditure Procedure 152.1 or Capital Expenditure Procedure 152.2.

General Manager, Director of Finance and POA staff.

This procedure covers all required bids for operating and capital expenditures according to Procedures 152.1 and 152.2.

Registered Professional: an individual or corporation registered or licensed in the State of Georgia with the necessary expertise in their field(s) as approved by the Board of Directors.

Procedure 152.1 and 152.2
Appendix 3
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