A.10 Littering Prohibitions

1. Purpose
1.1. This Rule A.10 establishes the anti-littering/trash management expectations of the Association related to Property Owners, Tenants and Guests.
2. Provisions
2.1. There shall be no littering in Big Canoe. All trash must be placed in receptacles provided for that purpose or removed from the property.

2.2. Cigarette and cigar butts are classified as litter, and they should be disposed of accordingly after they have been completely extinguished.

2.3. At the North Gate Trash and Recycle Facility, a violation of this rule will occur when any trash or other discarded objects are left on the ground.

2.4. All exterior residential trash containers must comply with the Architectural and Environmental Control Standards.
3. Enforcement
3.1. Violations of Rule A.10 by Property Owners, Tenants, or Guests will subject the Property Owner to sanctions in accordance with Rule A.1, General Enforcement Procedures.
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