A.12 Non-motorized Vehicle Rules and Regulations

1. Purpose
1.1. This Rule A.12 prohibits non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians from using portions of Big Canoe and to identify those locations.
2. Provisions
2.1. Non-motorized vehicles including bicycles, skateboards, scooters and other non-mechanically propelled vehicles are prohibited from using all Big Canoe roads. Bicycles, including pedal assist ebikes, are allowed for ingress and egress from Wildcat Recreation area to the North Gate.

2.2. Non-motorized vehicles must adhere to all the traffic rules contained in section 2 of Rule A.3, “Vehicle Operations”.

2.3. Non-motorized vehicles, including pedal assist ebikes, may use paved or gravel trails in Big Canoe (Jeep Trail, McDaniel Meadows Trail, Playfield Park running track and Wildcat Park paved paths), but must yield the right of way to pedestrians, and must adhere to a top speed of no more than ten (10) miles per hour. To avoid damage and erosion they are not allowed on any portion of the dirt hiking trails. Helmets are
encouraged as portions of the trails can be dangerous.

2.4. Pedestrian traffic is permitted on all Big Canoe roads except: 
Wolfscratch Drive from Lake Petit Dam to the Canoe Lodge (speed limit 25 mph) 
Wilderness Parkway from the North Gate to Lake Petit Dam
Wilderness Parkway from the Canoe Lodge to the Main Gate
Wildcat Parkway
Pedestrians should walk opposing the direction of traffic and are encouraged to wear brightly colored or reflective clothing. Crosswalks may be used where marked.

2.5. Any activity on golf courses, including cart paths, other than golf and golf maintenance is prohibited unless otherwise posted.
3. Enforcement
3.1. Violations of Rule A.12 by Property Owners, Tenants, or their Guests will subject the Property Owner to sanctions in accordance with Rule A.1 “General Enforcement Procedure”.
4. Changes in the List of Prohibited Roadways
4.1. The Board specifically delegates to the General Manager, or designated representative, the authority to change the list of prohibited roadways contained in Rule A.12 above at his/her discretion.

4.2. The General Manager may reissue this regulation to reflect changes to the list contained in Rule A.12 without any further Board action.
5. Use of Streets
5.1. Neither streets nor cul-de-sacs can be blocked without prior approval of the POA.
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