A.18 Rules of Conduct in the Amenities

1. Purpose
1.1. This Rule A.18 establishes the expected conduct of Property Owners, Tenants, and Guests when they are using the Amenities of the Big Canoe Property Owners Association (POA).
2. Rules
2.1. No pets other than service animals as defined in the ADA are permitted in areas where food is served, stored, or prepared.

2.2. Always use bear-safe containers for food trash.

2.3. Be civil and courteous to residents, guests, visitors and staff.

2.4. Unless otherwise approved, no outside alcohol is allowed in POA facilities that sell alcohol, except wine as allowed in the Clubhouse with a corkage fee. All persons should follow rules established for individual amenities, which may differ from time to time.

2.5. Pets need to be restrained and controlled in all Common Properties including Trails, where permitted.

2.6. No smoking is permitted near the entrances or exits of, or inside, POA facilities except in designated areas.
3. Responsibilities
3.1. Property Owners are responsible for their own conduct and for the conduct of family members, Tenants, and Guests.
4. Enforcement
4.1. Violations of this Rule A.18 will subject the appropriate Property Owner to sanctions in accordance with Rule A.1, “General Enforcement Procedure”.
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