Bear Safety

People and Bears Can Live Together
It’s Our Personal Responsibility
The black bear is a long-time resident of Big Canoe and one of our most prevalent forms of wildlife. As Big Canoe continues to develop and encroach on wildlife habitat, the need for people and bears to coexist safely increases. Whether you are hiking or strolling through the neighborhoods, you may encounter a black bear. Black bears are most active from mid-March to November, but remain active during the winter months if non-natural foods are available. Their constant search for new food sources may draw them to your home. The residents of Big Canoe have chosen to live in harmony with their bears. We want our community to allow for bear activity, so that bears can pass through, but are not tempted to stop and get into trouble with people and their non-natural attractants.


Dispose of household garbage in designated compactor sites.
Keep garbage securely inside prior to disposal – minimizing odors.

Keep doors and windows closed and locked. Food smells can invite hungry bears inside your home.

Do not store food of any kind outside, even if it is inside a locked refrigerator or freezer.

Feed your pets indoors and store their food inside. Don’t leave dog bones lying around your yard.

Don’t leave trash, groceries, pet food, coolers or any odorous items in your car.

Bird Feeders should be inaccessible to bears. Fallen seed should be removed daily before nightfall.

Clean the barbeque grill immediately after use, wash and store it covered away from the wind.
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