Article III: Architectural and Environmental Control Committee

A. The AECC is composed of the following:

1. Five (5) Property Owners who are in good standing with BCPOA and who have voice and vote.
a. They serve terms of three years which are staggered, when possible. Members may serve consecutive terms.

b. Members may serve consecutive terms but not more than two consecutive terms. After a minimum of one-year absence from AECC, the Property Owners is eligible to re-apply for membership.

c. Applicants for vacancies on AECC complete Appendix C - AECC Membership Application and forward to AECD Manager who will deliver completed applications to the AECC Chair. This form is the basis for evaluation. The top two names for each vacancy as voted on by the 5 voting members are forwarded to the General Manager final appointment. Three (3) non-voting members have voice, but not vote: the AECD Manager, a Builder representative, and a Waterford Representative. The General Manager or staff members may attend meetings, when pertinent. They have voice, but not vote.
B. AECC hears requests for variances and appeals from Property Owners and Contractor(s) regarding final decisions rendered by AECD. Requests for variance(s) and appeals from these Standards are heard by AECC, and decisions are made by the voting members.

1. Requests for variance or appeals must be received by AECD Manager no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the next scheduled AECC meeting and forwarded to AECC. This requirement may be waived in cases of extenuating circumstances as determined by the AECD Manager with the dispensation noted in the next AECC Minutes.

2. The initial step in the process requires Property Owners or Contractors) to fully complete Appendix D— Request for Variance or Appendix E— Appeals. Additional material, including photographs and other pertinent information to be considered by AECC, must be included with the completed form.

3. A request for variance may be granted if all of the following conditions are met: is unique to the property in question and is not found ordinarily elsewhere in BC; is not created by the action (s) of the applicant (s); does not adversely affect the rights of the neighboring Property Owners or the public health, safety, and general welfare of the community; does not oppose the intent of the Standards or other BCPOA documents. Variances cannot be granted which do not comply with Covenants, codes, ordinances, rules or regulations of any governing authority.

4. Appeals of a decision/fine made by the AECD regarding the Property Owner/Builder/Contractor action(s) that did not comply with the BCPOA Rules and Regulations can be presented to the AECC for review and potential relief.

5. The Property Owner/Builder/Sub-Contractor may attend the meeting at which the appeal of decision/fine, or request for a variance is scheduled for consideration by the AECC. Appeals to
the AECC are limited to a 20-minute presentation by the party seeking consideration of the appeal or request.

C. AECC also serves as a resource to AECD Manager regarding questions or issues relating to the Standards and reviews and revises, as needed, the Standards which are then forwarded for approval to the General Manager.

D. AECC holds regularly scheduled meetings at 2:00 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month. Other meetings may be called by AECD Manager or AECC Chair. These meetings are conducted according to Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised.
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